Septic Tank Cleaning: Bacteria Levels In Your Septic Tank

Approximately 25% of all U.S. households rely on independently owned septic tanks for the removal of waste. Septic tanks are efficient and effective; however, they do not need to be maintained properly in order to have a long lifespan. Most experts recommend pumping or cleaning septic tanks at least once every three years. When cleaning the septic tanks, you are essentially disrupting the small ecosystem of anaerobic bacteria that are residing within the tanks and responsible for degrading all organic compounds. Read More 

How To Make Old Hot Water Baseboard Radiators Look Brand New

If you've just moved into an older home with hot water baseboard radiators, you probably love the quiet heat these contraptions put out. However, many of these older baseboard heaters become rusty and dirty over time. With a certain amount of determined patience and few supplies, you can make them look brand new again. This guide explains how. Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Supplies To get started in making your baseboard heaters looking great again, turn off the heat and clear everything away from the area. Read More 

Consider An Add-On Wood Furnace To Cut Your Heating Costs

You've been thinking of getting a wood stove to cut down on heating bills, but recently you heard about an appliance you never knew about before -- an add-on wood furnace that is set up with your gas furnace. These appliances require a certain amount of work, just as wood stoves do, but the savings on natural gas or propane bills is well worth it.  About Add-On Wood Furnaces An add-on wood furnace can be connected to the furnace you already have, or a technician can install one when you buy a new gas furnace. Read More 

Storm Doors: High Quality Vs. Low Quality

Storm doors have several different quality levels. The most basic door protects your exit door, but will not last for more than a couple of years. The most advanced screen door is guaranteed to last indefinitely, and often comes with a lengthy warranty. Here is why you would want to pay more for your storm door than the usual $100–$300. Low Quality Storm Doors Sure, they are cheap and you are working on a tight budget. Read More 

Looking At The Benefits Of Protecting Your Driveway From The Sun

Increasing the life of your paved driveway can help you save money and can also help maintain its aesthetic appeal. By keeping up with regular maintenance on your paved drive, you can avoid the high cost of replacing and repaving your entire driveway. Find out how you can provide the maintenance your driveway needs to stay in good condition. Common Problems You May See With Your Asphalt Driveway Most homeowners prefer their driveway to remain looking as though it was just put down. Read More