Consider An Add-On Wood Furnace To Cut Your Heating Costs

You've been thinking of getting a wood stove to cut down on heating bills, but recently you heard about an appliance you never knew about before -- an add-on wood furnace that is set up with your gas furnace. These appliances require a certain amount of work, just as wood stoves do, but the savings on natural gas or propane bills is well worth it.  About Add-On Wood Furnaces An add-on wood furnace can be connected to the furnace you already have, or a technician can install one when you buy a new gas furnace. Read More 

Storm Doors: High Quality Vs. Low Quality

Storm doors have several different quality levels. The most basic door protects your exit door, but will not last for more than a couple of years. The most advanced screen door is guaranteed to last indefinitely, and often comes with a lengthy warranty. Here is why you would want to pay more for your storm door than the usual $100–$300. Low Quality Storm Doors Sure, they are cheap and you are working on a tight budget. Read More 

Ugh That Smell! Following Your Nose To Water Damage In The Home

Whether it comes from flood water, plumbing problems, or any other moisture in the home, water damage can be a big deal. While most homeowners have an idea that water damage would be easy to spot visually, it is not always as easy to spy as you think. In fact, there is a much better sense that can help you pinpoint a water damage problem in your home. The odor that can radiate from hidden water can be highly indicative of damage and lead you to the source of a problem even when the issue is far out of sight: Read More 

Water Under Your Kitchen Sink? It’s Easier To Fix Than You Might Think!

Have you recently discovered water under your kitchen sink? Perhaps you have recently begun to smell something funky in your kitchen? If so, then you are not alone. Leaking kitchen sinks are a very common household maintenance issue. And, the good news is that leaking sinks are typically an easy thing to fix. Follow these three steps to successfully fix your sink's water leak: Step 1: Locate the Leak To find the exact location of the leak, start by opening up the cabinet below your kitchen sink. Read More 

Warehouse Owners: 3 Beneficial Things That Will Improve The Work Environment

As a warehouse owner, a chief responsibility of yours is making sure employees work in a safe, efficient manner. You can create a better work environment for your employees thanks to these things. Overhead Crane Workers in a warehouse have to move heavy machinery and pallets on a regular basis. You can make this easier for employees by setting up an overhead crane in the warehouse. These cranes can be fitted onto the roof of your warehouse, giving them a freestanding design. Read More