Do’s And Don’ts Of Custom Home Building

If you are considering the idea of building your own custom home so that you can have all the features that you would like, then it is important to consider these time-tested do's and don'ts before you start building: Do take your time selecting the right lot to build your custom home. Even the most amazing and customized home will lose its appeal if you build it on a lot that you are not thrilled to call your own. Read More 

3 Solutions To Keep Water Out Of Your Finished Basement

Are you planning on finishing your basement? If so, you'll want to implement some kind of system to make sure moisture doesn't seep through your foundation walls. It's easy for moisture to accumulate in the soil around your home. Since concrete is a porous substance, water can get into your basement through your concrete foundation walls. Over time, a crack or two could develop, allowing even more water in. That water can damage your finished basement's drywall, flooring, and more. Read More 

Taking A Look At DIY Chimney Cleaning Shortcuts: Sometimes DIY Is A Don’t

If you haven't cleaned out your chimney in a while, but you also want to save money, you might have started looking for DIY methods. While it's possible to clean out a chimney yourself, doing it properly takes time, effort, and a trip up onto the roof. Other DIY methods that involve household items that magically clean out creosote are not so effective, and in some cases could be dangerous. Here's a look at three supposed home remedies for cleaning out the chimney and what they can actually end up doing. Read More 

Four Upgrades To Maximize The Appeal Of Your Rental Home’s Kitchen

Updating a rental property can be a fantastic way to increase the property value and there is no better way to do this than by remodeling the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a space that any tenant will use regularly, it is a good idea to look into which features are best to include. This way the rental property is as enticing as possible without you spending more money than necessary on the kitchen remodeling. Read More 

4 Ways To Save On Remodeling Supplies

The goal of flipping a home is to make a nice profit. However, if the cost of renovations exceeds your budget, you could end up losing money on a project. Renovating the bathroom is a smart way to add value to the home without blowing your budget. To help you avoid busting your budget, here are some tips for saving on your remodeling supplies.  Buy In-Stock Supplies Home improvement stores keep a number of remodeling supplies in-stock and ready to go. Read More