3 Indisputable Signs You Need Professional Foundation Repair Services

Many homeowners notice water pooling around their basement during the rainy weather and ignore it. However, any water pooling around your basement is also soaking into the porous materials that make up the house. Water damage caused by the slow effects of rainwater causes devastating results in your home, and that's why you shouldn't ignore it. A simple drainage issue in the foundation could also lead to serious water damage. It may even cause you to replace crumbling drywall or the entire foundation.

Here's how you know your foundation is in bad shape and that it needs professional repairs.

How Does the Air Inside the Basement Smell?

Most basements have confined spaces, and the ventilation is not ideal. And although a dry basement might be stuffy, it might not be musty. Mustiness is a typical sign that you have a mold or mildew infestation in the basement.

The characteristic smell comes from the microbial volatile organic compounds that are produced by the mold spores. You can also tell that your basement has water damage if a person living with allergy symptoms gets an allergic reaction whenever they get into the basement. You should hire a professional to locate the leak and fix it immediately. 

Can You See Cracks on the Basement Floor and Walls?

A lot of people only remove the water and clean their basements after flooding. However, some of them don't understand that cleaning is just the start of the restoration process. Older homes are susceptible to moisture damage because they do not have the right barriers. If you do not restore the spaces, the concrete will absorb water and expand irregularly, leading to cracks.

The cracks shift when there are humidity and temperature changes. Although you may not notice foundation cracks immediately, you will feel the effects. The common effects include doors and windows that won't close properly. Look for reputable foundation repair contractors as soon as you notice these signs.

Are Your Building's Walls Starting to Lean?

Leaning walls are often an indicator that your house has serious foundation problems. They learn when the foundation settles on one side and loses its ability to support the upright posture of the house. Walls might also lean because of the presence of tree roots inside the foundation cracks. If you think some of your walls of the building are leaning, consult a professional contractor for an assessment.

Water can damage the strength and integrity of your entire house if you ignore the damage it has caused. You should call a foundation repair expert as soon as you notice some water damage signs. Timely repairs safeguard your home from excessive damage.