The Purpose Of Work Zone Equipment: Why Do Construction Workers Need To Use It?

When contractors start working on a project, you will often see them setting up work zone equipment in a specific area. They will use this equipment for their safety and the safety of others, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. With proper work zone equipment, contractors can feel much safer as they complete jobs that may involve working on the side of the road or directly in the street.

It Creates a Much Safer Environment for Pedestrians

Pedestrians will often encounter work zones when they are taking place in city streets and outside of residential areas. Pedestrians need to know what is going on around them. If they are unaware of the construction work, they could end up tripping or falling over something, such as a pile of dirt, a pile of sand, or a big hole in the street. Contractors will complete construction work for a variety of reasons, but not warning pedestrians of possible dangers could easily put those pedestrians at risk of getting hurt. The lack of work zone equipment would put the construction company at risk of dealing with major lawsuits. Types of work zone equipment that makes pedestrians aware of what is going on and where they should walk or ride their bicycles to avoid encountering dangerous situations include:

  • orange work zone signs
  • flashing orange arrows 
  • large rectangular work zone flashing signs

These signs are big and bright enough to get the attention of pedestrians while they are passing by a specific area.

It Can Prevent Contractors From Being Injured While Completing Tasks

Work zone equipment can provide more protection from contractors while they are trying to complete their assigned jobs. Working in the construction industry is dangerous enough, which is why workers must set work zone equipment up in the areas surrounding them when they are getting ready to work on a project. When drivers see the work zone equipment, they know to avoid a certain intersection or area because that is where the contractors are doing their jobs. It allows the contractors to focus more on the work rather than worrying about the possibility of getting hit by a vehicle. Some of the equipment used by contractors to make drivers aware of the work that is going on include:

  • under construction signs
  • bright orange detour signs
  • "road work ahead" signs
  • pointed arrow signs for mandatory lane changes
  • orange traffic cones
  • orange traffic barriers

With bright signs placed along the roads where the construction is occurring, drivers are made aware of the work area before they even come anywhere near the contractors. It lets the drivers know that they need to watch their speed, keep a close eye on their surroundings, and possibly switch lanes because the lane they are in will close as they begin to approach the work zone area.

It May Be Used to Direct Traffic in Different Ways

Some work zone equipment is used to direct traffic away from contractors for safety reasons. When this is necessary, a large blinking arrow sign will let drivers know to move from one lane to the next to proceed moving forward down the road. In addition to the blinking sign, that specific part of the road may be covered with traffic cones to keep drivers from continuing to stay in the lane. When traffic cones are right in front of them, motorists realize they need to put their signal on and move to the other lane to avoid potential problems.

Construction contractors deal with a lot of risks while handling assorted projects, but work zone equipment often reduces those risks. Different types of equipment will create a safer environment for pedestrians, contractors, and motorists. The equipment will also help direct traffic away from work zone areas.

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