Metal Objects Construction Contractors Can Recycle On Every Job

If you want to promote your construction business as one that does not waste anything or harm the environment, then you need to look at various recycling programs. Metal recycling will undoubtedly be a top priority since there is a lot of metal involved with construction. Keep large recycling bins on each work site just for metal recycling. Then you and your work detail crews will be ready to recycle all of the following.


Sometimes you just do not need an entire I-beam. Sometimes you just need a small section to round out the story your team is constructing. The leftover parts of I-beams may be used later, or they may just be scrap. When you know that they are probably going to be scrap (e.g., four feet or less), you can chuck them into a recycling bin because steel can always be recycled. 


Rebar, also known as "pig iron," is mainly for the reinforcement of concrete structures. It provides greater stability and rigidity to concrete, but sometimes you have to cut sections off the ends of the rebar, or you need to demolish or deconstruct a section that did not set right. The rebar in these sections (or parts of rebar) can be recycled because it is mostly iron, and iron is used to make steel or other iron products. 

Aluminum Window Framing

Window framing on some residential and commercial buildings is often made of aluminum. Aluminum is a metal that can be made into dozens of useful construction items, even wiring. (In fact, many other aluminum items besides window framing you can toss into the aluminum recycling bins.) Scrap pieces of aluminum left after windows are framed and installed can be tossed into the aluminum recycling bin. 

Metal Fasteners

Do a clean sweep of the construction grounds daily with magnetic sweepers and you will probably come up with a lot of metal fasteners laying all over the ground. It is important to clean these up to avoid injuries and any need for tetanus shots. Rusty fasteners can go in the bins for iron recycling, and any reasonably good fasteners that are not bent out of shape can be reused for construction purposes. If you do not want to reuse any fasteners, they can all be dumped in metal recycling bins to be recycled. If you can, try to have some sort of bucket for the fasteners so that they do not end up on the ground before the metal recycling companies can pick up their bins. Visit to learn more.