Getting The Most From Your Building’s Elevator System

Elevators are common devices for modern high-rise buildings. While elevators may be a common piece of machinery, they need to be properly cared for as a mechanical part of the building. 

Periodically Test The Emergency Controls Of The Elevators

In the event that there is a problem with the elevator, there are emergency controls on the interior that passengers can use. These controls can allow for the elevator's emergency brake to be activated, to let the passengers out at the next floor, or to provide a line of communication to first responders. Unfortunately, building owners that fail to regularly test these controls will find that they may not be aware of when there is a problem. Every few months, you should have all of the emergency controls in the elevator tested. This might seem like it would be excessive, but passengers or items riding in the elevator may accidentally damage these controls. By regularly testing them, you will be able to repair these issues before they create problems during an elevator emergency.

Schedule Yearly Service Visits By Professional Elevator Maintenance Professionals

An elevator is a highly complicated device that also must move extremely heavy weight. This can lead to the elevator system suffering substantial mechanical wear over the years. In addition to making the ride in the elevator bumpier and less comfortable, this could also lead to safety concerns as key mechanical components can eventually fail due to a lack of maintenance. Every year, you should have your elevator professionally serviced so that any mechanical wear can be corrected. This is also important for ensuring compliance with local elevator safety regulations as communities will usually mandate either annual or biannual elevator inspections.

Consider Features To Make The Elevator Ride More Enjoyable

Your building's elevators will be a major factor in determining a person's first impression of your building. One way to dramatically improve this experience without substantial costs can be through adding features to the elevator. For example, a digital map of the building can help visitors orient themselves so they find their destination easier. Additionally, audio or video displays can provide music, entertainment, or other important information. While you might assume that you will need to replace the entire elevator to make these upgrades, it is usually possible to retrofit a current elevator. However, you will want to work with a professional elevator service provider to avoid damaging the electrical system of the elevator when making these upgrades.

Talk with an elevator service about testing the emergency controls, yearly service appointments, and upgrading the space.