2 Times When You Shouldn’t Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

When you use a septic system for your home, you already know that you need to have it pumped out every few years as well as when it starts backing up. However, what you may not know is that there are times when pumping out the tank is not a good idea. Below are a couple of scenarios when you should not have your septic tank pumped out.

1.  The Area around the Septic Tank Has Flooded

If the area in which you live has recently had a lot of rain, the area around your septic tank may have flooded. And, because of the excess water, the tank itself may have flooded and is overflowing. While it may seem like a good idea to have the extra water pumped out, you should wait before you do anything.

When the ground around a septic tank has been saturated with water, the soil becomes very loose. If the tank is disturbed while the soil is still saturated, it may break loose and start to float. If this happens, the pipes connected to the tank may rupture, possibly causing catastrophic damage that would result in very costly repairs. 

The only caveat to this rule is if the septic tank's water is backing up into your home. Even then, however, the company who is responsible for pumping your tank may decide to wait until the soil dries out to avoid causing extreme damage. If you're unsure about what to do with your overflowing or flooded septic tank, be sure to talk to a septic tank pumping service about what the best option would be to take care of the tank. 

2.  House Has Been Put up for Sale

Another instance when you should hold off on having the septic tank pumped is when your house is up for sale. While you may decide it would be nice for the new owners to start with a clean tank, it could cause problems during the pre-sale inspection. When the inspector is looking at the tank, they will want to see how well it handles being loaded. They will also put dye in the tank to make sure there are no leaks coming up into the ground or into the house. If the tank is not full, this part of the inspection may not be completed, which could delay the sale of your house. 

If you would like to have it pumped before you sell but don't want to disrupt the inspection, ask a septic pumping service when the best time to pump the tank would be. 

While there are times when a septic tank should not be pumped out, there may be times when you just do not know for sure whether you need to have it done. If so, contact a septic tank pumping service to discuss your situation and seek advice on whether or not the tank should be pumped and cleaned out.