A Few Things You Should Do For Your Heater At The End Of The Season

Once the weather starts to warm up and you turn off your heater for the year, there should be a few weeks or even months where you do not need to use any heating or cooling appliances. This makes it the perfect time to get some work done to the HVAC system as you won't have to worry about keeping your home comfortable if the system needs to be shut down for a while. To ensure that your heater is ready to start up and run next winter, here are a few things you should do now.

Clean the System

The first thing you should do is to clean the unit of any soot and/or scale. If you are not sure of where and what to clean you should have a professional come do it. You do not want to open the heater up and accidentally move or break something in there. In addition, while they are cleaning it, a professional will get a good look at everything and will be able to tell you if it needs to have some work done.

Regular Maintenance

If you did the cleaning yourself, now is the time to call a heating repair service to come and perform regular preventive maintenance. They will not only give the system a bit of a tune-up but will also take care of any small problems now, before they end up turning into big problems when you need to turn the system on again. 

Replace Filters

Do not think that because the system is off you do not need to replace the filters every month. There is going to be air flowing through the vents and ducts all year long. Dirt and dust in a filter can still get pulled into the heater and cause problems. Make sure you keep replacing or cleaning the filters every month, even if you are not using any appliance attached to the ducts.

Fill Your Oil or Gas Tank

Once people are no longer buying gas and oil to heat their homes for the year, the prices are going to drop. Now is the time to get your tank topped off. Not only will this save you money it will also ensure you have enough to get through a month or so when you have to turn it back on. It is easy to forget to get a fill when you haven't had to use it for a while.

Just because you have shut the heater off does not mean you can forget about it. Take the time to properly prepare the system for summer and it will be ready and able to work efficiently when you have to turn it back on. Contact a company, like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc., for more help.