Home Siding Choices : A Look At Common Faqs

If you are like any other homeowner, picking the type of siding you want on the exterior of your home will take a lot of time and consideration. The siding you choose will determine your home's value, curb appeal, and maintenance requirements for the long term. Therefore, there can be a lot of questions involved in the process. Take a look at some of the common questions about home siding and the answers you should know. 

Which type of siding is the cheapest to install?

According to HomeAdvisor, metal siding is about the cheapest siding there is to install because it does not require many tools for installation and can usually be installed over existing materials. On the opposite side of the spectrum, stucco siding is most expensive to install because it requires specific professionals who know what they are doing and specialty tools. Vinyl siding is roughly as inexpensive to have installed as metal most of the time, or at least pretty close to the same cost because it is pretty easy to install. Wood siding can be expensive, especially if the siding is going to be individual planks, tiles, or shakes that take a while to adhere to the exterior of the house. 

What type of siding requires the least long-term maintenance?

Vinyl siding is probably the type of siding that you should go with if you are looking for the option that boasts the least maintenance and attention. This material can pretty much be installed and forgotten about because it doesn't need anything once it is in place, besides maybe an occasional cleaning. Wood siding is likely the most maintenance requiring type of siding because it does have to be refinished and sealed occasionally to maintain a protective finish. 

Which type of home siding would be the most versatile where style is concerned?

This can really be a toss-up between metal, vinyl, and wood siding options. Both metal and wooden siding can be painted or stained in a multitude of different colors to coincide with your personal design ideas. Vinyl can be custom made in colors of your choice. All three types of siding come in different textures, sizes, and designs as well, so all three types of home siding are pretty versatile in design. In the end, most homeowners consider the three options and go with the one that is best because of maintenance and longevity preferences. 

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