Remodeling A Bathroom With A Toddler In Mind? 3 Features To Focus On

When your baby is growing into an energetic toddler, you may have started thinking about the changes that you can make so that your home is more toddler-friendly. If the bathroom hasn't been updated in a long time, this is a space that should be focused on, especially when you consider how many baths your toddler will be needing as they grow.

In order for the bathroom to be well suited for a toddler, there are a number of features that you can look for so that the room is as accommodating as possible for both a toddler and as they get older.

Non-Slip Bathtub

Since giving your toddler a bath will be something that you'll need to do every night, it's a good idea to prioritize non-slip bathtubs. If you're replacing or refinishing an older bathtub, it's important that there is some grip on the floor of the tub to prevent your toddler from slipping if they were to stand up or play on their knees. Adding some traction can be a relatively easy process, but it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the bathtub is toddler-safe. 

Faucets Difficult for Toddlers

With how curious toddlers can be, it's important that you recognize the kind of trouble they can get into in your bathroom. With faucets that are easy to turn, there's always the chance that your toddler can turn on the water when you're watching them. This can quickly lead to the water flooding out of the sink or bathtub and being potentially dangerous.

Switching to faucets that are a little more difficult to control can make the bathroom more suitable for children, while allowing you to add a visual update due to the variety in faucets that are available.

Secured Storage Options

As you look into remodeling the bathroom in your home, it's a good idea to look for ways to improve the storage. With a young child, you likely have a lot more toiletries, towels, and even bath toys that can take up a lot of room. With a focus on adding more storage in the bathroom, it will be easier to keep the bathroom neat and help prevent clutter.

Remodeling the bathroom with a toddler at home can make sure that the space feels enjoyable and practical to use. Being patient as you pick out remodeling features with your toddler in mind can ensure that the bathroom is a great fit in your home.