Replacing Your Garage Door? Learn About Your Options

Before selling your house you may consider replacing your garage door. It's a large part of the curb appeal, and people find that replacing the garage door can be quite beneficial. In fact, people generally receive 87% of their investment when they sell their house. Before replacing your garage door, look into your options to determine what's best for your home. 

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors open in one of four ways:

  • swinging out
  • swinging up
  • rolling up
  • slide to the side

The sectional roll-up door is the most popular and suits most people's needs. Remember that if you don't already have tracks on your ceiling, you will need fourteen inches of room for the tracks. There are tracks that take up less space, but they cost more. These doors are easy to open and close, but they can be dangerous to install on your own. Never try to install sectional garage doors unless you are a professional. 

Garage doors that swing out look great, and they also give you more space on your roof. However, the doors require a lot of space to open. Cars can easily get in the way. Furthermore, they take more effort to open than the other options. 


Garage doors can be made of the following materials. For more information about these options, contact services that provide residential and commercial garage door repairs. 

Aluminum: Aluminum doors do not rust and come in a large variety of different colors. They can dent more easily than some other options. 

Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are strong. They won't crack or dent easily. They also don't rust. This option can be more expensive. Fiberglass doors come in a variety of different styles and colors. 

Steel: Steel doors are inexpensive and easy to paint. They can also get dented easily or become corroded, especially in warm areas. 

Vinyl: Vinyl doors are very similar to aluminum doors in durability. They don't come in quite as many colors, though. 

Wood: Wood delivers a classic, rustic look that many people love. It can come in a variety of different woods. It can warp in certain situations, and it is not as strong as fiberglass, steel, and vinyl. 

Wood composite: Wood composite doors give you the protection of fiberglass with the appeal of glass. 

While insulated doors may seem like a great option to keep your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it's actually not recommended if you keep your car or chemicals in your garage. Car fumes and chemicals can fill up in your garage and cause illness or even death if unattended.