Why A Tankless Water Heater Is A Good Choice When You’re A Single Homeowner

If your old water heater finally died and you're looking at options for a replacement, you may want to go with a tankless water heater. One of these is a good fit for any size household, but they are ideal when you live alone. Here's why a tankless heater is a good choice for a single homeowner.

Energy Waste Is Eliminated

A traditional water heater has a reservoir that stores hot water. The water is kept hot at all times so you can do laundry or take a bath any time of day. While that's convenient, it is a huge waste of energy to keep a big tank of water hot all day. If you travel frequently or take business trips, a traditional heater may keep the water hot needlessly for days at a time. It's not only a waste of energy, but it is also a drain on your power bill since it takes gas or electricity to keep the water hot.

A tankless water heater eliminates the problems associated with keeping a tank of water hot at all times. The tankless variety is made so water passes through hot coils that heat the water as you use it. That means water is never stored. It also means you'll never run out of hot water since it is made on demand. The increased efficiency of a tankless heater is reflected in your monthly power bills. Since you live alone and are the only one using the hot water, you could see a significant drop in your utility bill once you make the switch to a tankless water heater.

Less Space Is Needed

Another advantage of a tankless heater is its small size. One of these is more compact than a traditional heater. In fact, it can mount on the wall in a closet or cabinet. If you live in a small house with a one-car garage, you can reclaim the space taken up by the old water reservoir and move your tankless heater indoors. The size could be even more important if you live in a small condo. You can mount your new water heater in a utility room, pantry, or closet. Since there is no stored water under pressure, you don't have to worry about safety concerns with a tankless heater, so you can have one safely installed one just about anywhere.

In addition to taking up less space, being less expensive to operate, and never running out of hot water, a tankless water heater offers the benefit of being controlled by a thermostat. This keeps the coils from making the water too hot. You'll have full control over the water temperature so your showers and laundry water will be as hot as you want without scalding you. Also, since there is an endless supply of hot water with a tankless heater, you'll have plenty of heated water available for the times when you have guests staying with you. This gives you the best of both worlds. You eliminate storing a tank of hot water since you don't use much as a single homeowner, yet you'll have plenty of hot water for guests to shower, do laundry, and wash dishes when there's an increase in demand.

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