Create A Relaxing And Romantic Atmosphere Prior To Sharing A Spa Session With Your Spouse

If you recently had a spa installed on your home's screened-in-porch and would like to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere prior to enjoying the new water feature with your spouse, consider implementing the following ideas. As a result, you and your partner will enjoy yourselves and may be inclined to spend future time together in the spa on a regular basis.

Install Dim Lighting Over Or In The Spa

Install strings of lights over the spa that emit a soft glow or have LED lights installed inside of the spa. Either type of lighting will provide plenty of visibility so that you and your loved one can see each other clearly while in the hot tub, but will prevent a harsh glare which would make it necessary for you or your spouse to strain either of your eyes. During a spa session, turn off all other lighting on the porch in order to create an intimate setting.

.Prepare Food Items And Beverages

Prepare appetizers that will be easy to handle while in the water, such as carrot sticks or fruit slices and display them across a waterproof tray. Purchase beverage holders that float and place an unbreakable cup inside of each one. Set a bottle of chilled wine or sparkling cider on the spa's ledge so that you can fill the cups whenever necessary without needing to exit the spa. Toast your loved one during the spa session and enjoy the beverages and food items while feeling relaxed in the warm water.

Play Soothing Music Or Nature Sounds

Purchase a marine stereo system that comes with several speakers. A marine system will not be susceptible to damage if it gets wet or if it is exposed to extreme temperatures. Listen to soft music while spending time with your mate. Record some natural sounds, such as water trickling down a mountainside or waves crashing alongside a beach and enjoy listening to them if you and your spouse prefer not to listen to standard lyrics that are sung by an individual. 

Once you and your loved one share a special spa session together, you may both look forward to future occasions that can be shared together in the new water feature. The preparations that you made in order for the initial spa session to be successful will also come in handy during spa parties that you hold to share with close friends or family members. To have fun features built into your new spa, contact a company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas.