Finding The Right Plumber

Finding a good plumber is excellent for you and your home. Finding a great plumber is like hitting the mother lode. When you are searching for just the right plumber, you need to do a little research. You may also need to try out a few before you settle on the right candidate.


Professionals who show up late repeatedly give their professions a bad name. For instance, you may have had experiences with other companies that give you a three-hour service window, leaving you twiddling your thumbs for a large portion of your day. A good plumber calls if they are going to be delayed. A great plumber calls but only has to do so infrequently. In other words, they almost always show up on time ready to work on your problem.


When a good plumber arrives, they will examine the problem and determine what needs to be done, which is standard operating procedure. A great plumber will explain each step in the process and not do any work until they have cleared it with you. If you ask for an estimate, which is common sense, it should be accurate. Additional problems may reveal themselves during the repair, and you need to be prepared to pay more in those circumstances. For instance, if your plumber is replacing a wax ring to fix a leaking toilet, they may discover that the flange needs to be replaced as well. A great plumber explains these issues to you and gets the additional repairs approved before proceeding. 


Paying more for a great plumber is worth it to many customers. A punctual, professional plumber who does great work is an excellent discovery. However, you don't want to be overcharged. To make certain that you are paying reasonable rates, you can check online for average prices in your area. A clogged drain repair may cost an average $200 in your neighborhood while a new faucet installation may cost $250. Your excellent plumber should be somewhere near the area average. 

Most plumbers offer good, reasonably priced services, but excellent plumbers go a few steps beyond in their visits. They will value your time, carefully explain repairs to you, and not overcharge. You can count on them. Once you find such a gem, treat them with respect and pay them in a timely manner. Also, let your friends in on your find. All plumbers like free advertising. For more information, compare plumbing services near you.