3 Signs To Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned

The Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs recommends that you have your septic tank cleaned once every three years. However, there might be issues that indicate that you should have your tank cleaned prior to this pre-set date. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn just a few signs that you should have your septic tank cleaned and drained. 

Drain Field Grass

As a rule of thumb, one thing you should notice about your drain field grass if your septic tank is working perfectly fine is absolutely nothing. The grass in your drainfield should look just as healthy as the grass throughout the rest of your lawn. However, a steep decline in the health of your grass, such as it not growing as quickly as it should, or it taking on a brown tinge as if it were dying, are signs that your drainfield is being overworked. A full septic tank will begin to back up and drain sewage into the drainfield.

Pooling Water In Your Drainfield

You may notice that your drainfield might be slightly moist or damp every now and then, but it should never be sopping wet. If there are pools of water in your drainfield – and you're not seeing them throughout the rest of your lawn – then this is most likely an issue caused by your septic tank. So long as your septic tank is properly clean and not full, all of the drain water will remain above ground. A full septic tank will begin to spew forth water that will rise to the top of your drainfield, however. This is not only a visual eyesore, but it is indicative that you should drain your septic tank as soon as possible.

Slow Drains In Your Home

A slow drain in your home is not definitive evidence that your septic tank is full and demands a cleaning, and is often times merely indicative of an easily fixed clog. However, if you are finding that the majority of drains in your home are not working properly and slowly draining or – in some cases – you are finding that the drains are backing up, it is highly recommended that you call on a septic repair service to examine the issue.

Your septic tank can become full before the usual three-year mark for a number of reasons. A representative from a local and trusted septic service agency (such as Kulp and Sons) can help determine what the root of the issue is.