4 Ways To Save On Remodeling Supplies

The goal of flipping a home is to make a nice profit. However, if the cost of renovations exceeds your budget, you could end up losing money on a project. Renovating the bathroom is a smart way to add value to the home without blowing your budget. To help you avoid busting your budget, here are some tips for saving on your remodeling supplies. 

Buy In-Stock Supplies

Home improvement stores keep a number of remodeling supplies in-stock and ready to go. By opting for items that are in-stock instead of custom ordering, you can save significantly. Contrary to popular belief, shopping for in-stock supplies does not severely limit your options. For instance, you can find both low and high flow toilets at your local store. 

Another possible way to save when buying supplies off the shelves is that you can possibly negotiate a package deal. For instance, plumbing fixtures, such as a toilet, sink, and shower, could be sold as a package at a discounted price. 

Look for Paint Mistakes

Home improvement and paint stores routinely mark down the cost of custom color paints that have been made mistakenly created. In some instances, the paints are of high quality, which can cut down on the amounts that are needed to cover the walls. 

If you do end up needing more than purchased, the paint can be replicated by store reps with just a sample of the remaining paint. 

Check Out Auctions

Some bathroom remodeling supplies can be picked up at an auction for far less than a home improvement store would charge. Smaller supplies, such as paint, might not be available. However, larger items, such as showers and vanities, could be purchased at auction. 

Some of the supplies you find at auction could have slight damage, such as being scratched. Thoroughly inspect all items that you plan to bid on before purchasing. 

Visit Reuse Centers

Reuse centers usually have a wide selection of used items, but some also have new items for sale. Everything from bathroom sinks to showers can be found at the right reuse center. Some local showrooms even opt to present some of their inventory at reuse centers and offer discounts on those for sale. 

Money that is saved on remodeling supplies can be used to further your project or go back into your bank account. Talk to a contractor or other home renovator professional, such as those at Gopher Plumbing Supply, to find other ways you can save on supplies needed to flip a home.