Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof?

Winter is quickly approaching. When snow starts to fall and collect on the roof, some homeowners find themselves asking whether or not removing snow from their rooftop is necessary. Some homeowners do this, while others do not. Knowing why snow removal can be helpful and how to go about taking down the snow can help you take care of your home this winter.

Should you remove snow from your roof?

Most of the time, removing snow from your roof is helpful but not critical. Removing snow prevents ice dams, and that can be important if your home has had ice dams in the past.

There are also times when removing snow from your roof is more than just helpful. After extreme snow storms when snowfall is much greater than expected for your region, removing snow from your roof can be important for the structural integrity of your home.

How can you tell if the snow needs to be removed from your home in order to prevent structural damage?

In general, your home and other homes in your area should be built to withstand an above average amount of snow. However, you should be concerned when some or all of the following things are true:

  • Your home has sustained damage in the attic or roof either from leaks, pests or fire, and the damage has not been fully repaired.
  • Your community has recently experienced extreme amounts of heavy wet snow.
  • Other roofs in your area have either collapsed or are reported to be in danger of collapse.

What's the best way to remove snow from your roof?

Rooftops can be very slippery in winter. The best way to remove snow from your roof is with a long-handled snow scraper that allows you to scrape the snow from your roof without actually setting foot on the roof.

If you can't reach the roof from the ground, contact a roofing services company to do this for you. Better to get help from a professional than to be injured in a fall. In addition, if your home is displaying signs that your roof is in danger of collapse, contact a roofing company right away. Don't try to remove the snow yourself.

How can you tell if your roof is in danger of collapsing from snow?

You may hear groaning, cracking or popping noises coming from your attic. In addition, doors and windows may start jamming open or shut. In the attic of your home itself, you may see some of the beams of your attic are bowed.

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