One Hidden Danger Of Kitchen Fires You Should Be Aware Of

Kitchen fires are the most common type of fire and often occur when grease catches on fire. While kitchen fires are commonly caught and put out quickly, they can still leave a lot of damage. While some of the damage from the fire might be obvious, there are certain dangers you might not be aware of. One of these involves your food and dishes.

Why this might not seem obvious

After a kitchen fire, you might be left with two major concerns. The first is the damage you find on your cabinets, flooring, and possessions, and the second is the smell of smoke lingering in your house. These are two visible signs of fire damage that are easy to spot, but the damage done to your food and dishes is not so easy to see.

Your plates, utensils, pots, and food may seem fine after a fire, simply because they may look normal, but this is not always the case. These items can get contaminated from a fire, and they could be dangerous to use.

Dangers of using contaminated cookware and food

When a fire occurs in a house, it produces heat, fumes, smoke, and soot. In addition, if you or the fire department used fire extinguishers to put out the fire, your kitchen may also contain chemicals from the extinguishers. The combination of these things can lead to contamination of your kitchen items and your food, and this can result in several issues:

  • The heat from the fire can cause canned goods to perish. While you might think canned goods cannot be affected from a fire, this is not the case. They can be, and eating these foods could make you sick.
  • Your dishes might have chemicals on them. Even if your dishes were securely packed away in your cabinets, chemicals from the fire may have landed on them. Eating or cooking with these items could lead to illnesses because of this.

These are the two biggest threats you might not be aware of after a kitchen fire.

Steps to take to avoid problems with food and dishes

The best thing you can do after a kitchen fire is throw away all the food you had in your kitchen. This is the safest option, and it can help you avoid eating contaminated food. The other important step to take is to thoroughly wash and sterilize every item in your kitchen with a mixture of bleach and water.

If you want to make sure your house is cleaned up properly and safe after a kitchen fire, you should probably hire a professional for help. Fire damage restoration companies will take every necessary step to clean up the mess, remove the smoke smell, and make sure your house is safe after any type of home fire.