3 Tips to Prevent Your Bathroom Sink from Getting Clogged

Clogs can happen all over the home, including in your bathroom sinks. These clogs can cause water to stand in your sink, hair to get stuck in the drain and other problems. Although a good drain cleaning service can help you get rid of the clog, it's best to prevent bathroom sink clogs in the first place. These are a few tips to help keep your bathroom sink drain free and clear.

1. Use Liquid Soap Instead of Bar Soap

First of all, you should consider swapping out your bar soap for a liquid hand soap. Bar soap can create soap scum easily, which can get clogged in your drain and can be a major pain to get out. Liquid soap will go through your drain more freely and will be less likely to cause a clog. Plus, as an added bonus, you're sure to find that keeping your sink ledge and vanity clean will be easier if you get rid of the bar soap.

2. Add a Drain Cover

If you don't currently have a drain cover on your bathroom sink, now is the time to invest in one. A drain cover will help catch hair, debris, and small items that might otherwise fall into your sink and get stuck in your drain. Even though hair can be a major problem, other things that you might not have thought about can also cause clogs if they aren't caught by a drain cover. For example, toothpaste caps and hair pins often end up in sink drains and can prevent water from flowing through properly.

3. Rinse It Out

It can be tough to remember to do so when you are in a hurry, but you should always rinse your bathroom sink out thoroughly after use, especially if you have been shaving or using facial cleansers or other potions that contain exfoliating ingredients. If you run warm water through the sink first, you can help ensure that these things are flushed down the drain before they get mixed with soap scum, hair or other things that could make a clog more likely. You can also clean your sink drain periodically by sprinkling in a little bit of baking soda, then pouring a little bit of vinegar behind it. This can be a better choice than using harsh chemicals.

Preventing bathroom sink clogs from happening in the first place is your best bet if you want to avoid plumbing problems. However, if you do notice that your bathroom sink is clogged and isn't draining properly, a good drain cleaning company like Gold Seal Plumbing can help you get it back in good shape.