5 Common Roofing Problems You Need To Know About Now

As a proud owner of a new home, there are many things that you suddenly have to learn about. Your roof may not be the first thing you think of learning about, but it has to be maintained and watched for things that may destroy it. An expensive roof replacement can be avoided if you know what to look for. These common roofing problems are easy to take care of with a little bit of knowledge.


Critters, bugs, and rodents will try to find their way into your roof and attic. Raccoons like to pull tiles up to get in and woodpeckers will drill holes all around the roof edges. If your roof is disturbed and left exposed, mice and insects will happily create their homes in your roof.

Signs that your roof is being invaded by pests include ripped up tiles, holes on the side of your home and in some cases, sounds of movement in the walls. To get rid of any wildlife that has decided to make your roof their home, your best choice is to call an exterminator.


A common roofing problem that you should be aware of is water. Liquid can get into any tiny spot, even if you were not aware of it. If your roof has a leak, you will likely see brown spots on your ceiling. Checking out your roof a few times a year for places that water may be seeping through will save you a lot of money. Look for collapsed areas, missing tiles and holes in the roof to locate spots water could get in. Prevention is much cheaper than having to replace your entire roof.


Storms will batter away at your roof, but just the daily wear and tear of having the wind blowing against your roof can cause damage. Unless it's a fierce storm, the wind should only take off a few shingles. This problem will be easy to diagnose because the shingles will likely land in your yard for you to find.


When it rains, gutters allow water and debris to wash off your roof and into the drains. When the gutters become blocked, the nearby area becomes home to standing water and dirt. As time passes, the roof begins to rot. It's easy to prevent this common roof problem by simply cleaning your gutters a few times a year.

Improperly Installed Roof

A brand new roof may seem like a blessing, but if it hasn't been put on correctly you could be facing a lot of trouble. If it isn't attached right, wind can get between the shingles and push them off. Water can get in between the tiles and cause rot and other damage. Always be sure to use a certified roofer when you are replacing your roof.

As a homeowner, you must always be aware of all the things that can go wrong in your home. Being vigil and doing light maintenance will prevent the majority of major roofing disasters. Should you need more information on repair, you could call a company like Burroge Construction LLC.