Ooh-La-La: French Doors Are The Answer To These Decorating Dilemmas

French doors are making a comeback, both in new custom-home construction and in remodeling projects. That's because homeowners and builders have discovered that today's framed-glass, double doors solve several decorating dilemmas. 

The Sliding Glass Door Problem

Sliding glass doors can be wonderful, letting in plenty of light, allowing for a view, and providing easy access to decks and patios. There's a catch, however. Only one side of the wide doorway can be open at any given time. 

If you entertain frequently, or if you want a more accessible opening in order to move furniture, sporting goods, or hobby materials in and out of the home, replacing sliding glass doors with a set of French doors is the solution.

While French doors are offered in sliding door models, normal French double doors are able to be left open at the same time, creating an easier traffic flow when indoor/outdoor entertaining, or when moving large or bulky items. If you choose French doors that open toward the outside of the home, they'll take up no more floor space than sliding doors.

The Mismatched Wood Finish Problem

The trend of mixing and matching various wood colors is on its way out, as designers turn to a more uniform look in furniture, cabinets, and interior trim.

Today, French doors come in every color of stain to match your flooring or your doors perfectly. From natural unstained wood, to modern-looking composites, to cherry, pine, or maple finishes, the expanded color palettes help you create a custom look that is unique to your home.

The exterior of the doors can also be matched to your home's architectural style, with some manufacturers offering custom-mixed hues to perfectly mesh with house colors and trim.

The Dark and Gloomy Room Problem

For a homeowner who wants to let more light into a murky room, French doors are a great solution. No matter where you place them, they look elegant and made for the space, and with two doors' worth of sunshine beaming in, your mood can't help but be lifted.

French doors also work to open up adjoining rooms without removing an entire wall. That spacious, airy floor plan you've always wanted can be accomplished with a simple set of double doors. Not only do they allow more easy flow between rooms, they also allow you to close off rooms for privacy or study without losing the extra light they provide.

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