How Electrical Contracting Outfits Save Appliances, Eliminate Fire Risk, & Prevent Electrocution

When it comes to electrical repairs in your home or office, it is always best to let electrical contracting professionals handle the job. There are myriad dangers associated with electrical work, not the least of which is damaged appliances and the need to re-wire a portion of the building. Even more dangerous is the possibility of improper repair attempts leading to electrical fires, and there's always the chance you could become seriously injured or even killed when trying to fix an electrical problem. This article outlines just a few reasons you should leave such jobs to professional contractors.

Ruining Your Appliances

One very common way for do-it-yourself repairmen to ruin the appliances in their home or office is to short circuit the existing electrical system. This can happen in a variety of situations, but most often a short circuit occurs when live wires make contact and create a new electrical "path," a path in which the building's voltage was never intended or designed to travel.

Because your home's existing electrical configuration is not built to handle current in every direction, serious damage can ensue. The amount of electricity channeled during a short circuit can be substantial, and if your appliances aren't equipped with circuit breakers, the shock can easily fry the internal components. Enlisting the help of an electrical contracting outfit can ensure that your appliances are protected and potentially save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Electrical Fires

Electrical repairs that are not completed to industry standards may ultimately lead to electrical fires in the future. Often, inexperienced homeowners leave small stretches of electrical wire exposed, reasoning that there is no real danger, since people won't frequent the basement or attic where the wiring is located.

Unfortunately, over time, wires can shift, bringing exposed, live wire into contact with flammable materials. Whether by heat or electrical current, exposed wires can ultimately lead to fires that destroy your home or office. Instead, leaving it to the pros will ensure that repairs are completed properly and save you the agony of seeing your home or office reduced to ash because you wanted to save a little money.


The most dangerous aspect of trying to perform electrical repairs yourself is the possibility that you'll get electrocuted in the process. Even for individuals experienced in the building trades, it's easy to get distracted and forget which of the wires in front of you are live and which are not. Other times, you might accidentally set down a metal tool that arcs electricity between a live wire and a ground contact.

There are many reasons to leave fixes and repairs to electrical contracting companies, but ensuring the safety of your appliances, avoiding electrical fire, and protecting you from electric shock are three of the most important. For more information, contact Chadwick Electric Inc. or a similar company.