How To Make A Brick Fire Pit For The Yard

One of the advantages to owning your own home is being able to modify it any time you want to. A good modification to make is a fire pit in the backyard. There is nothing quite like relaxing around a fire at the end of a long day. Instead of spending the money to buy a fire ring, you can simply make your own. Below is a tutorial to making a fire pit in your backyard using bricks and a few other materials.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 dozen bricks (used or new)
  • Shovel
  • Small rocks like landscaping stone
  • Spray Paint
  • Concrete (optional)

Step One – Finding the Perfect Spot

The first step is finding the area you want to place the fire pit. It should be in an open area on ground that is a pretty flat. If you don't have a perfectly flat yard, you will just have to adjust while you are digging the pit. Once you have the spot, lay out the bricks in a ring to judge the size of the pit you will need to dig. You can make the pit as big as you want, but remember it doesn't need to be huge.

Step Two - Digging the Pit

Take the spray paint and paint around the exterior of the ring. This is going to be your tracing that you will follow when you are digging the hole. Remove the bricks and set them to the side so you can start digging. Grab your shovel and start digging out the pit. Keep going until you have an even hole all the way around the tracing. A perfect hole is about 14" deep.

Step Three – Placing the Bricks

Place the bricks one by one into the pit. Each brick should stand vertically on one end and be placed as tightly together as possible. One the vertical bricks are done, lay the bricks lengthwise along the top of each brick to create a flat layer of bricks. You can also lay bricks down on the bottom of the pit if you have enough left over.

Step Four – Pouring the Stones

Now it's time to fill all the gaps between the bricks. Take the landscaping stone and pour it on the bottom of the pit. Place the rocks between the bricks as best as you can, as well as the bricks on the bottom of the pit. You can also reinforce the gaps by using concrete.

Finishing Up

Once your fire pit is in place, you may want to let it sit for a few hours, especially if you used concrete. Do not start any fires in it until the concrete has completely dried. Though brick is capable of safely holding a fire, you should always keep an eye on the fire when it is burning. Never walk away from the pit until a fire is completely diminished. Always have a plan of action if the fire gets out of control.