Choosing Your New Garage Door

Choosing a new garage door through a company like Allied Garage Door Co may depend upon more than just aesthetics. While the look of the garage door can be really important for curb appeal of your home, you also need to consider things like functionality and durability. Keep reading to learn more about three good options for your new garage door.

Sectional Garage Doors

This type of garage door is composed of sections that are joined together. When the door opens, it rolls up to the metal housing mounted on the roof of the garage.

Because this type of garage is triggered by a garage door opener, it is one of the easiest garage doors to use. However, that ease of use may be tempered with the fact that is could be less durable than other types of garage doors. A sectional garage door may require repair more often due to the large number of working parts involved.

Swing Out Garage Doors

Swing out garage doors are much simpler in construction than sectional garage doors. The swing out style garage door is made of just one large panel. This panel swings outward, much like the door on the front of your home, but on a far larger scale.

This type of garage door is ideal if you want to go with the simplest model. It usually won't require garage door repair as often as other types of garage doors since it has less parts, and because it is non-mechanical. However, it does require more effort to use, so you may find it much less convenient if you need to use your garage on a daily basis.

Swing Up Garage Doors

Swing up garage doors are one of the oldest types of garage doors, and thus you may see them in homes built many years ago. These garage doors are typically made of a single large panel which swings outward and then upward into a housing on the garage roof.

A swing up garage door is a very basic version of the sectional garage door, however it is not mechanical and is thus less convenient to use. As with a swing out garage door, a swing up garage door may be best for situations in which you don't need to use the garage constantly. These garage doors are unlikely to need frequent garage door repair, which is one of their leading advantages.

All of the garage doors described above can be made in several different materials, with the most common choices being aluminum and steel. Less commonly, wood is used for some garage doors today as well. Consider all of the above before you call your garage door repair and sales contractor to discuss which might work best for you!