Looking At The Benefits Of Protecting Your Driveway From The Sun

Increasing the life of your paved driveway can help you save money and can also help maintain its aesthetic appeal. By keeping up with regular maintenance on your paved drive, you can avoid the high cost of replacing and repaving your entire driveway. Find out how you can provide the maintenance your driveway needs to stay in good condition.

Common Problems You May See With Your Asphalt Driveway

Most homeowners prefer their driveway to remain looking as though it was just put down. The black, smooth surface of a freshly paved driveway looks great against a nice landscape. However, as time passes, your driveway may fall victim to the damaging rays of the sun. If you have ever seen a driveway that looks grey and faded, you have seen the direct results of the sun. Other common problems caused by sunlight can be increased by wear and tear:

  • Cracking
  • Surfacing areas of sand
  • Surfacing areas of small rocks

Choosing A Sealant That Works to Protect Asphalt From The Sun Damage

Asphalt is nothing more than a combination of sand, rock and a special glue to hold the mix together. The glue used in most asphalt mixes is made using strong, adhering polymers. You can also purchase sealants for your drive containing some of the same strong polymers. Asphalt sealant with polymers in it help to reduce the impact sunlight has on asphalt, helping to prevent cracking and fading.

The Importance Of Maintaining Asphalt Elasticity

The greatest cause of cracks in your paved drive is due to its loss of elasticity. The mix originally laid down was new and still had the capability of being flexible. For example, if you have ever walked out to get your paper after the summer sun has beat down on your drive for a few hours, you may have felt hot moisture on your feet. However, as the sun goes down, the moisture evaporates, allowing the asphalt to regain most of its rigid form. After years of this expanding and re-expanding, your drive will lose a lot of its capability to regain strong rigidity, the reason cracking starts. The loss of elasticity also is the reason the rocks and sand in your driveway asphalt may be working their way to the surface as well.

Taking care of your home and the property it's on is necessary for protecting the investment you have in it. When you stop to consider the initial cost of having a driveway paved, you can see the best reasons for taking the time to maintain and care for it properly. Learning more about the various types of sealants available to you can give you what you need to protect your drive and the money you have in it. Talk to places like Hals Construction Inc for more information.