Ugh That Smell! Following Your Nose To Water Damage In The Home

Whether it comes from flood water, plumbing problems, or any other moisture in the home, water damage can be a big deal. While most homeowners have an idea that water damage would be easy to spot visually, it is not always as easy to spy as you think. In fact, there is a much better sense that can help you pinpoint a water damage problem in your home.

The odor that can radiate from hidden water can be highly indicative of damage and lead you to the source of a problem even when the issue is far out of sight:

The Sour Smell of Spoiled Water

Have you ever came across a pool of standing water either in a washing machine or puddle that has been sitting for quite some time? If so, you know that the slightest disturbance can release a stench of sour ugliness like nothing else. Standing water tends to attract an array of dust particles, mold spores, microbial growth.

Over time, the odor that is involved gets pretty bad. If you notice a hint of soured water in your home's air, there is definitely an issue somewhere. Often times, this kind of smell is related to bad plumbing and a professional plumber can track down the source of the problem.

Mildew Stench

The smell of mildew is one hat is hard to forget. It reaches into the nasal cavity and leaves an unfavorable tingling sensation in the back of your throat. You may not be able to see mildew, but you will almost always know it is present, especially when it comes to mildewed cloth materials. If this odor is prevalent in your home, there is a good chance that carpet padding or cloth furniture is holding an ugly water damaged secret.

Molded Dirty Rock Odors

Pick up a rock that has been sitting in moisture for a while and covered in moss or mold and take a whiff. This is the kind of smell that can also be present in a water damaged home. What you should know is this is often a sign that water has crept its way into the drywall of your interior walls.

Drywall, often referred to as sheet rock, is created with a gypsum core. Gypsum is a soft mineral rock that is highly absorbent. If you have had a recent problem with water, this soft core can wick up moisture and keep it hidden between the paper linings and latex paint.

When it comes to water damage, if your nose is telling you something is wrong, there is a good chance there probably is. Do some odor investigating in your house to make sure you do not have an awful smell related to hidden water problems.