Considering A Glass Garage Door? Some Helpful Information For You

Glass garage doors, also called full-vision or full-view doors, are becoming popular, and there are many benefits of choosing this type of garage door for your home. It reduces the amount of electricity you use for lighting, because of the entry of sunlight into the garage. It also makes it easier for you to keep an eye on things stored in your garage, such as your vehicles, boat, etc. Furthermore, it has an aesthetic appeal when compared to more traditional metal-frame or wooden doors. If you are considering a glass garage door but have not made up your mind yet, you should find the below information helpful.

Glass Garage Door Frame

In most cases, you will find glass garage doors with an aluminum frame, with the most common type being anodized aluminum.  This is the best type of aluminum to use, because it will not corrode easily.

This type of frame works exceptionally well if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. The aluminum frame can be stained or painted to go well with your home and landscaping.

If you purchase a glass garage door, make sure you ask what type of frame they use. Some manufactures use aluminum-like alloy, which is a fragile metal that has a finish to make it look like aluminum.

You should also ask the contractor if painting or staining the frame is included in the price of the garage door. You will find that some manufactures will pay for this, and others will charge extra.

Glass Choices

Clear glass is the most affordable type of glass for the garage door, but you also have other options. If the entry of sunlight into the glass door is not a concern to you, you may want to consider frosted or tinted glass instead. Hammered and reeded glass panels are also popular, as well as many glazing options.


With a traditional garage door, you can paint the outer surface to customize it. A glass garage door, however, offers many more options. You can alter the aluminum panel that is used by choosing panels made with particular shapes.

You can further customize the panels by adding designer door openers. You can choose a door opener that uses stiffening or concealed auxiliary struts. Some other choices include the layout and size of weather stripping used, and the shape of security bars. You can have the door's perimeter jambs reduced.

If you still have questions about glass garage doors, talk with a garage door contractor, such as Woodburn Garage Door. They can go over all the options you have, and the glass types they offer.